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Here at Mike Kelly's Kitchens we make our customers number one. We want you to feel comfortable with our staff, our service, our products, and our work. Let's face it, remodeling your current home, building a new home, or buying and remodeling a new home can be a stressful project in itself. But that's where we come in to help. Our job is to guide you through the process, not make your decisions for you, but with your ideas and our expertise we can come up with exactly what you have in mind for your project.

Mike Kelly is the C.K.D and owner of Mike Kelly's Kitchens. He began on the carpentry and installation end of many projects. But over the years he made a decision to take the certification test and become a Certified Kitchen Designer. So since 1983 he has been designing NKBA certified kitchens and helping people all over south jersey to build the kitchens of their dreams. Having the on hand installation experience allows him to design more efficiently to ensure the design and installation process of your job all goes smoothly.  

Sarah Weston has been a part of Mike Kelly's Kitchens for over 8 years now. She has attended various NKBA classes and has attained her first step in certification, AKBD. She worked side by side with Mike Kelly through her beginning years and now is happy to have clients of her own. From working through design issues, picking out tile and granite colors to coordinating jobs she is there to help. 

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) is a leading non-profit trade association dedicated to the advancement of the kitchen & bath industry. The NKBA has maintained its leadership status of excellence and professionalism for over 40 years by providing education, certification and the tools needed for success. NKBA Education and Certification are the gold standard in the kitchen & bath industry. The NKBA offers professional development courses and levels of certification for all stages of an individual’s career. There are three levels of NKBA Certification: AKBD® Associate Kitchen & Bath Designer; CBD® or CBD® Certified Kitchen Designer or Certified Bath Designer; and CMKBD® Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer. NKBA Certifications are based on written examinations and extensive industry experience. NKBA Certification lets consumers know that their designer’s professional skills have been independently evaluated and tested and that they’re committed to improving those skills through ongoing education and professional development.

CKDs and CBDs specialize in the design, planning, and execution of residential kitchens and bathrooms, and prove advanced knowledge of technical and personal communication skills required to succeed as a design specialist.

AKBDs are industry professionals with documented experience and education in the kitchen and bath industry. While it is not predominantly design experience that the AKBD must demonstrate, the AKBD's range of expertise could include sales, manufacturing, design, drafting, fixtures, etc. This combination of experience and education ensures that the AKBD is a trained, qualified professional in the kitchen and bath industry.

Ensure the beauty and efficiency of your new kitchen by retaining certified professionals to help you with your project!